What should my 2 year old draw?

What should my 2 year old draw?

What should my 2 year old draw? According to popular opinion, there are several drawing stages children go through as they grow up.

Children aged two are considered as being in the 'controlled scribbling' phase.

Generally, the scribbling phase is characterized by a lack of realism. At this stage, most children simply make marks on the page.

Having said that, it's possible for some of the marks to resemble real objects.

More precisely, drawings by two-year-old kids are characterized by spontaneous circular or to-and-fro scribbles and dots (1).

This can result in one or more of the following shapes:

  • horizontal and vertical lines
  • multiple loops and spirals
  • roughly drawn circles
  • shapes that resemble letters T and V

In terms of movement, drawing occurs through movement in the elbow and use of the whole hand (2).


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