Forever Necklace

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Our Forever Necklace Features:

  • Personalized drawing necklace
  • Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel
  • Great Gift for a Parent or Grandparent
  • Handcrafted to a Child Drawing
  • Turn Your Child's Art and Drawings into a Real Object!
  • Materials Available:
  • Silver Plated
  • Gold 18k Plated
  • Rose Gold 18k Plated

A personalized drawing necklace close to your heart...

As a mother or grandmother, there’s something infinitely special about carrying your child’s creativity near your heart, especially when they’re not near you

Order your custom image necklace today and our expert jewelers will recreate your child’s drawing from a custom image artwork into bespoke jewelry that you will treasure

Or, gift a parent or grandparent a cherished memento of imagination and creativity.

Ordering is simple and only takes a few steps!

  1. Choose your item (Custom Necklace, Keychain or Bracelet)
  2. Upload your preferred image by selecting “Choose File”.
  3. Find your child’s drawing on your desktop or device and upload it. Use our image editor to crop  your image so we can see clearly which section of your child's drawing you wish us to transform and then select the save  icon
  4. For additional items or designs, repeat steps 1 - 3

If you need further assistance, contact us via our Messenger live chat button on the bottom right of your screen and one of our team will gladly help you

As our beautiful Forever Pieces are hand-made, Orders can take 10 -15 business days to process after you place the order before being shipped. Please allow longer processing during peak times (up to 20 days)

We’re here to help you long after you’ve received your custom bespoke Forever Jewellery. If you’re unsatisfied with the workmanship or quality of your custom necklace, bracelet, or keychain we off a 365 day warranty guarantee!

For details, see our warranty page below:

    Our 365 Warranty Details

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    Make it Your Own

    Wear Creativity with Pride

    You can now make sure your childs creative imagination is featured right on your hand, neck or wrist! Simply upload a picture of their drawing and watch your kids face when they realize it jumped out of paper and into rea life!


    Packaged with Care

    Start Design

    As the saying goes, jewelry is a very personal thing. After all, the stories it tells are truly yours. This is where Forever Necklace takes it a notch further. With its intricate design ideas and custom-made patterns, your necklace is now, yours. 

    Art Into Necklace

    In order to preserve precious moments, you tend to document things. Videos, portraits—and everything in between. Necklace drawing is no different—we would go as far as saying that it carries more meaning than the aforementioned others. 

    In order to preserve and solidify this memory, take the step ahead. Be the artist of your own accord, and convert precious art into necklaces. Forever Necklace has provided you with this incredible opportunity to avail yourself of this—make the most of it. 

    Necklace Drawing

    Wearable art is truly inspiring. Be it to encompass your loved one’s expressions, or preserve their artistic predilections, necklace drawing is something that one and all must try.  

    When it comes to necklace drawing, designs and patterns are in abundance. Be it something your loved one has made, or even something as minimal as fingerprints and impressions—drawing jewelry necklaces have a charm of their own.  

    Necklace Gift for Mom or Grandma

    Now that you have created an idea, you are one step closer to making this gifting season rather memorable for your loved ones. There is no true love other than the one showered by your mother and your mother. Being able to provide a personal gift carved into a necklace for them? Blissful. 

    This is where Forever Necklace gives you that liberty. The liberty to express yourself, the liberty to express your love and affection for your mother or grandma. The liberty to etch in their memory the presence of personal jewelry that resonates with your story, your relationship with them, your necklace drawing design—customize and purchase now!