Forever Necklace

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Close to your heart...

As a mother or grandmother, there’s something infinitely special about carrying your child’s creativity near your heart, especially when they’re not near you

Order your custom necklace today and our expert jewellers will recreate your child’s drawing into bespoke jewellery that you will treasure

Or, gift a parent or grandparent a cherished memento of imagination and creativity

✔️ Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel
✔️ Silver Plated
✔️ Gold 18k Plated
✔️ Rose Gold 18k Plated

Ordering is simple and only takes a few steps!

  1. Choose your item (Custom Necklace, Keychain or Bracelet)
  2. Upload your preferred image by selecting “Choose File”.
  3. Find your child’s drawing on your desktop or device and upload it. Use our image editor to crop  your image so we can see clearly which section of your child's drawing you wish us to transform and then select the save  icon
  4. For additional items or designs, repeat steps 1 - 3

If you need further assistance, contact us via our Messenger live chat button on the bottom right of your screen and one of our team will gladly help you

As our beautiful Forever Pieces are hand-made, Orders can take 10 -15 business days to process after you place the order before being shipped. Please allow longer processing during peak times (up to 20 days)

We’re here to help you long after you’ve received your custom bespoke Forever Jewellery. If you’re unsatisfied with the workmanship or quality of your custom necklace, bracelet, or keychain we off a 365 day warranty guarantee!

For details, see our warranty page below:

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